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The Item Shop Blog

Hello tumblarian chosen ones! We're the ITEM SHOP from Munich Germany and this is our Tumblr!
We're a local shop only sadly (no shipping, no online store), but we may have some goodies for our international fans anyway!

For more Information check out our other pages:

Jul 3 '14


…three weeks ago I had a little job in “The Item Shop" in munich and supported the glorious ladies there. It was really great and their shop it AWESOME. In the end we got rid of the last bottles of met. <3 

The shop is always worth payin’ a visit if you are near Munich! ; > 

It was a fun time, dear lord of the wine!

Jul 1 '14

Some other new Items from June! <3

Jun 18 '14

mcfhran asked:

Guten Tag :D Das letzte Mal als ich bei euch war, hab ich gesehen, dass ihr auch Copics verkauft... wollte mich gerne mal an den Dingern versuchen, aber ich weiß nicht so recht... hat sie eine von euch mal ausprobiert? Weil dann werde ich mich nämlich nächstes Mal damit eindecken xD

Hey Fhran!

Das sind keine Copics, das sind Graphmaster - die günstige Alternative zu Copics, die aber genau so gut sind. Und ja, wir verwenden sie selber und sind sehr zufrieden! Es braucht ein bisschen Übung bis man sie versteht (mit verschiedenen Schichten arbeiten, Farben richtig kombinieren und so), aber wenn, dann sind sie gold wert und das Ergebnis ist außerordentlich professionell!

Jun 17 '14

New Items for June!
Amongst others: Great tasty mead, selfcrafted minecraft pictures, the awesome chosen one Zelos, steel zelda caps, dwarf beard beanies, the hidden blade, doctor mugs, pixelart bags and cursed coins!

Jun 17 '14
We&#8217;re not officially better than any ingame shop, because we don&#8217;t only sell a Hylian shield but also a&#8230;uhm, THE Master Sword! A total must have if you want to fight the great king of evil! Also looks stylish in combination with green clothing.

We’re not officially better than any ingame shop, because we don’t only sell a Hylian shield but also a…uhm, THE Master Sword! A total must have if you want to fight the great king of evil! Also looks stylish in combination with green clothing.

Jun 13 '14

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey Stuff at ITEM SHOP!
Featuring Darth Vader, Leeloo & Korben Dallas, the Doctor, Marty McFly and more!

Jun 3 '14
Best comedians

Best comedians

May 27 '14


Road to her recovery! The video is German first, but the international video follow up then.

Thank you so much @every participant. Sadly we couldn’t use every single video and had to cut a bit, but we showed her every single one in private!

You are so wonderful, wonderful great brillant people…!! 

May 11 '14


Dear MissCherry,

Dear Item Shop Ladies,

thank you for all of your hard fucking work, 

thank you for your bad-ass positivity and love,

thank you for being standing your ground and taking no shit,

thank you for spreading a message of progression,

thank you for being (a) real life magical girl(s).

I wish MissCherry a speedy recovery and better health in the future, and for Glas and Schpog to make it through this time without any additional bumps in your roads, so you’ll all be healthy and reunited as quickly as possible. I’m sure we will meet again soon.

For those not in the know: MissCherry (the petite girl in the photos) is in an induced coma due to a chronic disease she’s suffering from. Glasmond (redhead) owns the store these girls work at, and their mission is to create a home base for nerds and geeks and people who need it. They are some of the warmest, loveliest, open-minded people I’ve ever met, they’ve taught me a lot about myself, my own body, and they’ve inspired a lot of new thought processes and the way I’m using this blog. I consider Glas a mutual confidante and friend, and while I haven’t spent as much time with the other two girls, I can vouch for how special they are. 

You can read about MissCherry’s situation here. Glas is asking all of you to pray for her, so that she will make a speedy recovery! This is not a question of money. It’s not a question of what you believe in. If you have a positive thought to spare, they need it. Feel free to make a post, or draw something (these girls are all talented artists who are very drawable themselves). Please tag it with #prayformisscherry. Take a look at their blogs, and if you dig a little deeper, I’m sure each of you will find at least one message worth hanging on to. These girls are extremely positive in the most loving and simultaneously kick-ass manner I’ve witnessed, and they’ve helped many many people (including myself) by spreading this feeling. Now they need yours. Go ahead, #prayformisscherry.

May 11 '14


I know I retreated from tumblr, but this is important.
My beloved MissCherry had to suffer a lot of physical and mental shit for the last 6 months and got extremly sick over the last days and is now in an inducted coma. It doesn’t look good for her. She is suffering from serveral diseases at the same time and some of her organs have stopped working.

I didn’t even had the chance to be with her before they put her into coma. She was all alone and I have enormous trouble to live with that.

I don’t want to give up hope.
And I know that many of her friends and fans don’t want to, either. So I decided to bring #prayformisscherry (on FB, Tumblr, Twitter) into being. So we can stick together, can share hope, create positive energy. If you draw/write/make something for her, make sure you tag it as #prayformisscherry. Create as many posts as you wish. I will look through them, too.

And hopefully I can show this to her when she wakes up…